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Panasonic interview at PMA
Di mauro (del 17/03/2008 @ 07:10:41, in Panasonic, linkato 1973 volte)
Question : The Panasonic Lumix L10 has been in the market for a while now and it is your second camera. You did not expect to sell large amounts of the Panasonic Lumix L1. So what about the entry-level model; are sales numbers as expected?

Answer : The Panasonic Lumix L10 is doing very well. Sales numbers are somewhat below plan. We don't sell many, due to the high price. There is not a great demand for it and the kit lens is rather expensive, but we are almost on plan at this moment.

Question : You just mentioned the kit lens. It is indeed almost the most expensive kit lens you can get. Why did Panasonic decide on this expensive kit lens and not a cheaper model like Sony did?

Answer : The Panasonic DMC-L10 is our second camera and we want to make sure we offer superb quality. That is why we need the Leica lens. We could have chosen to include a cheaper lens but we did not necessarily want to go for a cheap lens. We wanted a high quality lens. Still it might be the right time to make the next step. Maybe we will deliver a cheaper lens with the next camera. We are new in this segment, and you are right to say that Sony is also a new brand, but they have the advantage of having taken over Konica Minolta. We on the contrary are completely new.