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Creo Leaf Aptus un Nuovo Dorso Digitale
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Creo Leaf Aptus un Nuovo Dorso Digitale

Leaf Aptus Specifications

Full frame CCD dual sensor readout (DSR) for double capture speed (patent pending)
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Cooling fan for efficient heat removal

Leaf Aptus 22: 4056 x 5356
Leaf Aptus 17: 3576 x 4716

CCD format (4:3 ratio):
Leaf Aptus 22: 48 x 36 mm
Leaf Aptus 17: 43.2 x 31.7 mm

Dynamic range:
12 f-stops
Color depth:
16-bit (65,536 levels per color)

Capture speed:
1.2 sec per frame (50 frames per minute) (both tethered and portable)

LCD screen (built in)
Size: 3.5 in.
Pixels: 211,680
Advanced touch-screen graphic user interface (GUI)

Functionality on LCD:
Pre-shoot file naming, image flags, full browsing and file management, create job folders, preview up to 20 images on one screen, true zoom to verify focus, histogram, exposure alarms, average exposure meter, spot meter (f-stop), custom and preset gray balance, ISO, selectable image-setting tags, metadata, custom file annotations, and more

Wireless display--DP-67 Digital Proof (optional):
Size: 3.5 to 4 in.
Pixels: 230,400
Based on HP iPAQ certified models

Portable storage options:
CF card type II (read/write speed depends on CF from 3 MB per second or higher)
20 GB Digital Magazine (read/write speed--17 MB per second)
Standard high-volume portable FireWire® disks are optional

Over 1000 frames and over four hours of continuous operation

File size (Leaf Aptus 22/17):
Leaf HDR 16-bit: 126 MB/99 MB
Leaf raw HDR 16-bit: 42 MB/33 MB
Compressed raw HDR 16-bit (cHDR) (approximate size)
Lossless cHDR: ~21 MB/~17 MB
Nearly lossless cHDR: ~11 MB/~9 MB
RGB 8-bit: 63 MB/48 MB
CMYK 8-bit: 84 MB/65 MB

ISO 25-400

Compatible with all lighting conditions

Cameras supported:
Hasselblad: H1 and V series
Mamiya: 645AFD, RZ67, RB67
Contax: 645AFD
Fuji GX680
Bronica SQA/ETRS
View cameras: Sinar, Toyo, Cambo, Linhof, Horseman, Rollei X-Act, and others