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Una Leica personalizzabile
Di mauro (del 29/09/2004 @ 14:20:55, in Leica, linkato 1390 volte)

Leica à la carte
Creative freedom down to the details


Riporto brevemente il comunicato in inglese:

You choose all of the individual details that perfectly suit your functional, esthetic and practical preferences, starting with the color of the camera top and type of leather finish, following with different viewfinder frames and ending with personal engravings such as signatures and markings which clearly prove that your Leica is a unique item. Of course, this is only possible because each Leica is made by hand in the traditional way practised in the factory in Solms.

Dove si dice che ognuno e' libero di scegliere i dettagli e la macchina e' prodotta in fabbrica ESPRESSAMENTE. Questo e' possible con leica, continua il comunicato, perche' le macchine sono costruite a mano nella fabbrica di Solms.