Anthony Suau – Beyond the Fall

Bellissimo bianco e nero classicissimo (con qualche immagine a colori qua e la) rende perfettamente il periodo ed il reportage. Un grande reportage. Davvero bello.

Beyond the Fall Book Cover Beyond the Fall
Anthony Suau
Europe, Central

This Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist was able to witness the euphoria of many East Germans as they walked through the crumbling Berlin Wall in 1989. However, the ensuing years brought political, economic and social chaos to the countries of the former Soviet bloc. The divided nations of the past 50 years merged into one, and as the Iron Curtain melted Anthony Suau explored this upheaval with an impassioned curiosity. The result is a series of moving images that serve as a poetic monument to humanity. A Chechen man searches for his two sons amongst a mass of bodies, victims of a pyramid investment scheme rush a bank, and a Saint Petersburg hotel hosts an alternative fashion show.